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Avec l’espoir
About Us
Avec l’espoir   “With Hope”  We are a registered breeder in Adelaide Australia Our “hope” is to improve the French Bulldog breed in Australia. After vigorous research and many many hours of talking to breeders and kennel owners from abroad, we believe that we have sourced some of the highest quality Champion French Bulldog lines in the world. These bloodlines originate from world renown kennels such as DE LA PARURE (Belgium), GLENLEE (UK), IZ PALEVYH BULDOGOV (Russia) on which Avec l’espoir has begun building its foundation and its journey to breed a healthier, brighter, future for the French Bulldog in Australia. We understand that breeding the French bulldog correctly is not an overnight exercise that can be taken lightly. We are dedicated and have a vision to continuously improve the breed in the interest of the breed, for its health, appearance and character. We breed and raise our French bulldogs with LOVE and believe that our puppies will bring an enormous amount of joy to all those who purchase one of our little beauties. Are you looking to show, breed or just own a French bulldog for your family we would be happy to answer any questions you may have All enquiries Welcome Please call or text us on 0423 761 721 Email: Due to hackers hi-jacking our email address and replying to your enquiries on our behalf and requesting money for non-existing puppies, we have decided to remove our email address to protect you and your privacy. We apologise for the inconvenience. Regards David and Tanya
About us